Corporate Prayer for the Suffering

Writing liturgies.

Oh man.

I’m working on our church’s Thanksgiving Eve service, and it is way too fun. I almost lament having zero musical talent, because if this is part of a worship pastor’s job that guy has got a good thing going.

I’m still working on the total form of the service (stay tuned, kind reader!), but this is a corporate prayer for those whose thanksgiving is marred by suffering. This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I could become Anglican:

Prayer for the Suffering

O God, we lift up the suffering in our midst.
Some among us feel that Your face is hidden
By sickness, poverty, relational strife, or the shadow of death.
They mourn, or they fear, or they groan with the broken Creation.

By Your mercy, we ask healing for the sick;
Provision for the needy;
Reconciliation for the estranged;
Comfort for those facing death.
You, God, are able to grant these things.

But beyond this, O Lord,
Comfort the suffering with the knowledge
That You will one day make all things right.
That in the new creation, sickness will be swallowed up in health;
Poverty in abundance;
Strife in peace;
Death in eternal life;
All through the victory of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

You sent Your Son to suffer on behalf of the world;
As a man of sorrows, He knows grief and hunger and fear.
The Holy Spirit groans with those who groan;
You comfort us in our afflictions with Your presence.
Be present, O Lord, with the suffering among us;
Encourage them with the mercies
Of Your presence, Your promises, and Your people.



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