Publishing Question: Fairy Tales for Children?

This is a question for all you publishing nerds out there (our big, rowdy family):

Let’s say, hypothetically, someone – let’s call him, I don’t know, “Joseph” – has an upper-elementary-level fairy tale he’d like to see published. And he’d like to know if anyone knows of agencies, publishing houses, magazines, or whatnot who might be interested in such a piece.

Where might you, hypothetically, direct him?

Below are the first two sections of said hypothetical piece:


An icy northern island
Sustains a stranded boat,
Eight rows of beans and onions, and
A flock of shaggy goats.

The North Wind makes his home there,
That ship unfit to sail.
Its rooms are cramped and gloomy, and
Its beams are rather frail.

When he comes home, his airstream
Makes all the timbers freeze,
And all the cabins’ walls to groan
Like old, arthritic knees.


The North Wind keeps three sisters
Washed to him by the waves;
Three orphan-girls, he raised them to
Tend house while he’s away.

“I’m hungry!” North Wind bellows,
“Who made the evening meal?”
Amelia says, “I cooked it all!
My work, and my idea!”

Alexa laughs, “How dreary;
I stole away and played!”
While Anna sets the table, no
Attention sought or paid.


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