Joseph on Joseph

me with flowers and allison

I was removed from my mother’s body in 1986, with a glorified grilling apparatus, about a month after her appendix. I’ve been told this explains a lot, but no one will tell me what that means. Two younger brothers came out some time after; I grew up playing roller-hockey and boardgames with the brothers, but never really bonded with the appendix.

My young life was spent in Mississippi, where I developed a taste for forests, fishing-holes, and animals: I begged for dogs, collected cold-blooded pets when allowed, and attempted to ride sheep (harder than it may seem). I had occasional, awkward-family-reunion meetings with God through my life, but it wasn’t until I was twenty that he wrestled me to the ground and made me get to know him.

I went to college in Birmingham, Alabama, where a love for literature was grafted onto my early love for science fiction and fantasy. I also developed a taste for schoolin’, which led to my prolonging adulthood for four more years at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham.

While slinging coffee to buy Ramen and textbooks, I met a Birmingham girl with sky-blue eyes and a smile that can open flowers. Telling her I liked her was the bravest thing I’ve ever done; I’d fooled her enough that she liked me too, and we got married in 2011. We’re three kids in and think we’ve figured out how that keeps happening.

I write, because I read, mainly pastoral theology and fiction. Things that make my mental mouth water include the study of the soul, the study of God, history, music, nature, and boardgames. If my writing were an adolescent boy growing into his features and people said, “That boy’s got some ______ in him,” I’d hope they’d fill the blank with Gaiman, Card, Chabon, Wolfe, Borges, Lewis, or Chesterton. Whether they make the phenotype or not, they’re certainly in the gene pool.


3 thoughts on “Joseph on Joseph

  1. Joseph, I’m a close friend of your Mother-in-Law, Kay. She told me about your blog and sent me a link. I’ve enjoyed your writing and appreciate your voice. I find your perspective to be fresh while, at the same time, possessing a wisdom beyond your years. I’m an avid reader of almost any literature genre and I have profound admiration for those that can express themselves in writing – I recognize that the true challenge of writing creatively involves an elaborate process that results in something that is readily digestible by your reader – mission accomplished. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Your Good Friday monologues were exceptional. Thank you.

    1. Jim, thanks so much for this kind word! Sorry I haven’t responded – I’ve been caught up in work and life in a big way for the last number of weeks. Allison has mentioned you several times as a dear family friend and said you helped them through a really tough season – I’m grateful on her behalf that you were there for them, and if we ever end up back in the South I’d love to meet you in person!

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